Pro football player J.J. Watt co-hosted the 2016 CMT Awards on Wednesday (June 8) and spent just as much time working as he did attempting to pick up the ladies.

The Houston Texans defensive end jokingly flirted with Dierks Bentley's wife, Cassidy, as well as Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren. "Hey. I like naps and pizza, you interested?" he asked Rhett's wife.

He then took on Carrie Underwood, much to the disapproval of her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher.

"Carrie's definitely taken," Watt said. "But a hockey player, Care! Come on, now!"

While Underwood shrugged it off in good spirits, her husband wouldn't let another man hit on his woman. He stood up with a "don't mess with me" look on his face as he began to take off his suit jacket, much to the approval of the audience.

Watt eventually stopped hitting on the married women and instead played gentleman to a pretty girl who was too short to see the stage, picking her up on his shoulders for a better view.

"What? I'm just being a gentleman. She couldn't see the stage, y'all," he remarked.

Underwood, meanwhile, gave a standout performance of her latest single "Church Bells" which garnered her the only standing ovation of the evening. By the last verse of “Church Bells,” she joined a gospel choir for what would be one of the most talked about performances of the night.

Underwood also took home an award for Female Video of the Year for “Smoke Break” and CMT Performance of the Year for the same song.

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