Well, that's one way to pass the time while you're social distancing! Chase Rice isn't happy with the way that the COVID-19 coronavirus has affected live music in the country community, and he wrote a song airing his grievances against the virus. Press play above to watch.

Rice's new song says what's on every country fan's mind, expressing his disappointment and displeasure regarding all the canceled tours, festivals and events of recent weeks. Furthermore, he sings in the new tune, the virus may think it's gotten the best of country music, but it doesn't know what it's up against.

"Dear corona, you don't know the heart of a country fan / You don't know that we don't give a damn," he sings. "So you can reschedule Stagecoach / But you gotta understand / That you don't know the heart of a country fan ..."

On Friday (March 13), Rice expressed similar sentiments on social media, saying that if it were his decision, he wouldn't cancel his shows.

"I'm not throwing blame to any promoters or decision makers on this, they gotta protect themselves and the well being of people, so I get all sides of this deal," he wrote. "I personally choose not [to] live scared, especially of something that I can't really control."

The singer then added a middle-finger emoji directed at the virus, with the caveat, "Not [Corona] the beer, I still love you."

Rice also expressed gratitude to his fans, saying that the pandemic has afforded him better perspective on the parts of his career that matter most. "This thing has made me realize that there is no music without y'all. If I've gotta break it down to just me and a guitar on the bed of a truck and play to whoever shows up, I'll do it. Love y'all."

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