Filming country music videos are all fun and games until you go and injure yourself. While shooting an upcoming music video for "Eyes on You," Chase Rice sustained an injury to his pectoral muscle that was enough to land him in the operating room.

“Surgery a success, and got a final cut of the 'Eyes on You' music video," Rice writes with an Instagram video message on Tuesday (May 15). "Damn good day y’all." The video gives more details of his injury.

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"Just showing ya here that I got a new addition to my family," Rice says, holding his arm up to show that it is resting in a black cast. "I showed you a couple of weeks ago. I was in Mammoth Lakes, California and we shot a music video for ‘Eyes on You.’ I said it was going to be epic and I showed later in the day that it was. I had ice on my chest ... so I tore my pec and today I just got surgery for that."

That he's already up and walking around is a good sign — he's (mostly) taking the setback in stride. "Man, it just is what it is," Rice says, adding that he's excited to get the music video to his fans.

While unfortunately the singer's doctors have advised that he not eat pizza for a bit, which he's not pleased about, he won't have a long rest period. Rice says he'll be back onstage in time for a Myrtle Beach, S.C., show on Friday (May 18).

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