Chris Young is spending much of 2018 on the biggest tour he's ever staged, and he's hoping to eventually train his new puppy to be his companion on the road.

Young's sister, Dorothy, surprised him with a cute little German Shepherd puppy for Christmas, but he tells Taste of Country Nights that the adorable pooch — whom he named Porter — is still a bit young for the adventures of life on tour.

"He's only about five weeks old, so he's still with his mom for a little while yet," Young says. "But I will definitely have him out once we get him trained up. He will be a road dog."

Young had been talking about getting a dog for awhile.

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"Growing up in my family, we always had animals, always had dogs and cats. I'm kinda at a point now where I feel like ... the yard and the house, and I've got enough people that can help me take care of an animal," he shares. "A dog's a lot of responsibility, especially when you travel a lot, so I was settled to the point of going, 'I really do want a dog,' and my sister kinda overheard. She started asking all my friends, 'What kind of dog has he said he wanted?' So she surprised me this Christmas."

Young is on the road for his Losing Sleep Tour, and his current single, "Losing Sleep," may very well be on its way to becoming his tenth No. 1 hit.

"It's crazy to think about, but fingers crossed," he says, adding that he still celebrates each new No. 1 hit to make it special.

"You've got to celebrate," he says. "Obviously they'll do a party at some point with the other songwriters and publishers and everything, but definitely any time you've got a song at the top of the charts, you've got to celebrate."

The Losing Sleep Tour kicked off Jan. 11 and runs through May 19.

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