So apparently someone pretended to be Christopher Walken and call Xbox Support complaining of a DDOS and apparently it was hilarious.

Kotaku reports that recently someone decided to call up Xbox Support and impersonate Christopher Walken and he was really pretty great at it. The Walken impersonator complains of his Xbox being hacked and goes through about a minute of conversation with a support representative where he continually takes out and reinserts his Red Hot Housewives DVD.

I give full props to the patience of aforementioned support representative since Walken spends a good portion of the phone call explaining that his Xbox reads some seriously profane messages every time he tries to log on to it. However, I personally think the funniest thing about the whole phone call was when the Xbox representative asks the fake Walken to disconnect from the internet and then restart his Xbox. Good old support, never changes.

You can watch the video above to see what resolution, or lack thereof, the support representative concludes with.

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