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I’m beginning to think that President Joe Biden has a hidden talent for sales. For years, former President Barack Obama was known as the top gun salesman, but Biden might just be a better salesman for guns. According to the Washington Examiner, for the second time in three months, the FBI broke its record for gun background checks in the United States.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check system conducted 4,691,738 checks which is an all-time high that broke the record set in January. According to the Washington Examiner, some believe the yearly total could be broken as well this year.

After the FBI release, for example, Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting reported that sales are set to break the yearly record of 22.8 million in 2021. “For the first quarter of 2021 as a whole, about 5.9 million firearms were sold as opposed to 5.2 million in the first quarter of 2020. If this rate of sales were to be sustained throughout 2021, last year’s record sales of 22.8 million would be broken,” they said.

And what they are seeing nationally is happening here locally as well. Our friends at SS Outfitters in Levelland has seen sales spike since Biden became President and the stimulus that went out helped sell even more guns. Thanks Joe!

I don’t see sales slowing down anytime soon either as the Democrats continue to push gun control and push Biden to take executive orders on guns. And if there is another round of stimulus in the future, well, get ready for more guns to be sold.

Biden may end up selling more guns in one year than Obama did in his first term!

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