“To swerve and protect.”

That’s just one of the many jokes El Pasoans were quick to crack after a photo of an El Paso County Constable cruiser “face down ass up” in a drainage ditch went viral.

“Should change to ‘Can’t Stoppable,’" and "More like Con-UNstable," joked a couple of others in clever word plays of 'Constable.'

“I think the air freshener blocked their view,” “And I Oop,” “He's just showing that ford suvs can flex like a jeep too,” and “Drug test!” were some of the other savage one-liners El Pasoans came up with.

Comments on the 915 on Blast post were also littered with GIFs, and quite a few ‘someone was texting and driving’ type of remarks. And because this is El Paso, the “P-word” that starts with ‘pen’ and ends with ‘ejo’ was thrown around a lot, too.

But, hey, if your job is to perform various law enforcement functions, including issuing traffic citations, and your official vehicle ends up in a ditch like that, you have to expect you are going to get clowned.

The oh-s**t moment happened by Grant and Pershing in the 5 Points area according to Patty RC who took the photo and kindly let me share it with you. “I had to pull over and take this picture, I couldn't resist,” she said.

Patty RC

If the location looks familiar it’s because two years ago, in October of 2019, an El Paso Police Department vehicle went up the steps and crashed into the front doors of the La Paz Faith Church, which you can see in the background of the photo below taken by Andy De La Riva.

Andy De La Riva

EPPD said at the time that the officer was trying to avoid contact with another vehicle. No word on how, why, or what caused the Constable cruiser to end up in this predicament.

Andy De La Riva
The victim

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