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You don't always see Republicans and Democrats working together in Washington, D.C. these days, and when it comes to gun issues, you hardly ever see Republicans and Democrats working together.

Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn and Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy are reportedly working together to strengthen background checks on those who purchase firearms.

This bill being worked on by Cornyn and Murphy would clarify who should register as a Federal Firearms Licensee and conduct background checks on people buying a gun. According to KXAN, some believe that the current law allows people to skirt around around the background check system and buy from those who sell weapons regularly but they aren't licensed dealers. Police believe the loophole was used in the 2019 mass shooting in Midland and Odessa.

According to KXAN, Cornyn wants to make sure there is a carve out for those who don't sell firearms for a living.

“We need to clear that up,” Cornyn said. “That by definition will make more people get background checks because all Federal Firearms Licensees have to do background checks.

“What we’re trying to protect, or carve out, are the hobbyist and or casual transactions between friends and family members, but capture the people who literally are making a living and making a profit selling firearms, and give that to the U.S. attorneys to prosecute.”

It's not clear how much support there is for this piece of legislation throughout the Senate, but Democrats have been wanting to take action against firearms since President Biden was sworn in. Murphy is hoping Cornyn can attract more Republican support towards the legislation.

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