Not every kid takes after his or her parents, but sometimes, the physical resemblance is so strong that they're basically little mini-mes. That's definitely the case with these seven stars and their children (or in some cases, their parents).

Whether it's an A-lister dad whose two babies inherited his striking blue eyes (lookin' at you, Jason Aldean!) or a country crooner whose infant daughter is more or less a carbon copy of him, minus the scruffy beard (hey, Thomas Rhett!), good looks are a family tradition for these stars. But it's not just babies who take after their famous relatives: Scroll through the pictures below to see parent-child pairs of all ages who'll make you think you're seeing double.

Some of those mentioned have stepped away from the spotlight, while others have created their own musical careers. No matter what direction in life they choose, these children of famous performers can't hide where they come from: It's written all over their faces!

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