National Cowboy Museum security guard "Tim" isn't social media savvy, but he's trying his best. That's good enough for the institution's nearly 200K followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The museum's head of security is learning on the job after being handed the responsibility of social media manager because there is no need for security. Like so many museums and places of public gathering, the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Okla., is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tim brings his fatherly sense of humor, wholesome fumblings and even private messages intended for his grandson to the people, and — as it turns out — it's exactly what the people are craving.

Some of the best moments come innocently enough. Who hasn't accidentally texted or tweeted something they meant for another platform?

The best part? Tim signs all of his tweets and social messages with "Thanks, Tim." He's very polite, this cowboy. When he took over his new post, he introduced himself and quickly got to work.

Don't worry, Lucas set him straight on how to really use hashtags. Err, close enough?

Seth in marketing is another name that pops up. He seems to be the one driving Tim to this new position, saying it's good for engagement. "I’m very happily married to Tina though," he writes.

The National Cowboy Museum is associated with the Western Heritage Awards, which seem to bring celerities like Kevin Costner to the Oklahoma town. Tim recalled that moment fondly — we're told Costner is very funny — but this picture with actor Sam Elliot is better:

Could these tweets be too innocently good to be true? Maybe, but if Tim isn't real then we don't ever want to comeback from this quarantine.

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