Every now and then I find a story that brings tears to my eyes in a good way!  And this father has done it.  So get your tissues ready and hear this amazing story.As most people, there is a special place in my heart for children.  They are so innocent and pure.  Unfortunately, children get illnesses.  Thankfully, there are wonderful people in this world to help them with the fight.  One of my greatest joys is helping the Children's Miracle Network here in Amarillo, because they turn no child away!

This story has definitely touched my heart.  Dr. Alex Levy was new to the job when he met 4 year old Chloe.  His life changed forever!  Take a few minutes and listen to this amazing story.

I am thankful for doctors like Alex Levy.  :)  What a heartwarming story and I hope that he does get to walk her down the aisle.