It is really cold today, so why not talk about a cold weather sport. It's a possibility, but it's going to take some time for the Dallas Stars to play in a outdoor hockey game. The NHL has six outdoor games this season, including one at Dodger Stadium for the first regular-season West Coast outdoor game in league history. Plus the recently played game at Yankee Stadium.

Here are a few issues that might keep the team from getting an outdoor game. The team is in the lower half of the league in standings. For an outdoor event to work, the team needs to be skating for contention and to be drawing bigger crowds in the American Airlines Center before they move to a facility with even more seats. Second, is that it will take a lot of time to figure out how it would work. How many seats should be used and even which opponent is a logical one. There are also many other logistical concerns.

Mr. Lites, the CEO, hasn't ruled out the other options in the Dallas metro area like the Cotton Bowl or Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Lites liked the idea of having the roof just as insurance against rain with all the video elements in the stadium. Hopefully in the next few months there will be answer as to whether it will go down. Hockey could be played in Jerry's World home of the Dallas Cowboys!

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