America might be the land that allows its citizens the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but that does not make American the happiest nation.

A recent Gallup survey of several nations asked its citizens to rate their “life situation and what they believe the quality of their lives will be in five years” on a scale of zero to 10. Denmark topped the list as the happiest nation on Earth.

The survey noted that 72 percent of Denmark’s residents considered themselves to be in high spirits and considered their lives to be “thriving.” Sweden and Canada came in second, with 69 percent of their population issuing positive responses with a score of eight or higher. America, however, finished in 12th place, with 59 percent reporting high levels of happiness.

The survey included residents from 124 counties. Happier countries tended to have fewer health problems and lower levels of stress and sadness.

World’s Happiest Countries:

1. Denmark – 72 percent

2. (tie) Sweden and Canada – 69 percent

4. Australia – 65 percent

5. (tie) Finland and Venezuela – 64 percent

7. (tie) Israel and New Zealand – 63 percent

9. (tie) Netherlands and Ireland – 62 percent

11. Panama – 61 percent

12. United States – 59 percent

13. (tie) Austria and Costa Rica – 58 percent

15. Brazil – 57 percent

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