If you're a Suddenlink customer, as many of us are, I'm sure you paid really close attention to all of the alerts you saw regarding a change. That change came along with a new name.

So, do you say Optimum? Or are you still saying Suddenlink?

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New Name. Same Service?

Personally, I never had many problems with my Suddenlink service. I've used them in other places I've lived, and was happy to see them in Amarillo. I only ever had one issue, and it was resolved pretty quick with a phone call.

I never had any unexplained prolonged outages. I never had any major complaints about the speed. I know that my experience isn't necessarily everyone's.

Still, I was happy.

With the change to Optimum, I became concerned that the service I had expected might change. The good news is, it won't.

There's Actually Some Really Impressive Plans For The Future

In a press release, future plans were laid out. It was a list of things that one day we can hope to see from Optimum.

One is fiber. Optimum is pretty much the only option I have where I live. If there are plans to eventually get fiber out in my direction, I'm a fan.

No one else is in a hurry to make it happen.

Also are the speeds and data caps. The press release mentions that eventually data caps will be removed on Suddenlink plans as part of the transition.

Thank God. That's a big perk.

For now, I'm going to wait things out and see how it goes. I'm not in a hurry to switch.

I just have to get used to the new name.

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