We've all had that family member or friend: the one that gets too drunk, gets into trouble and then has to go to rehab.

Two nights ago, an outdoor Amarillo, Texas dinner party attracted some uninvited guests. After guests left food wine and beer unattended outside, three opossums helped themselves to snacks and drinks.

According to Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation (2901 N Soncy, Amarillo), two of the opossums became drunk and then fought each other as they were being shoo'ed off the premises. The homeowners were able to corral the disorderly bunch into kennels. The opossums are currently in rehab (wildlife rehabilitation) getting treatment for the injuries they sustained fighting each other. But if they are going to change their ways, they have to want to change.

If you would like to help post bail, err, help pay their vetting and food costs, you can make a donation to Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Opossums are wonderful creatures that are nature's janitors and pest controllers. As long as you don't leave your outdoor food unattended, they will be harmless -- except to the thousands of ticks they eat every season. Having opossums around is a good thing.

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