Easton Corbin's new single has already been a pop hit all over the world, but he's returned "Are You With Me" to its original roots to finally release it to country radio.

Corbin believes in the song so much that he included it on two albums in a row, just hoping that he would eventually get the chance to put it out as a single. He realized that goal in late May, when Mercury Nashville sent the song to country radio as the fourth single from Corbin's third studio album, About to Get Real. Lost Frequencies hit the charts all around the world with a dance-y pop remix of the song in 2015, but Corbin plays it straight on his rendition, singing right to the melody without a lot of vocal or instrumental embellishments.

Carson Chamberlain's subtle production is just right for the song, beginning with a lilting fingerstyle guitar figure and gradually sweetening the mix with a gentle hint of pedal steel, then stirring in just a little bit of piano filling before jumping up into a powerful, clearly delineated chorus.

The celebrated Nashville producer uses his ingredients sparingly, like a chef trying to create a particularly cultured delicacy, and then tops it all off with vocal harmonies in the choruses and a big guitar solo that would have had lighters in the air, if this was the '80s and Corbin was a rocker with a new power ballad. There's nothing new or particularly surprising about the way "Are You With Me" is produced — but that's exactly what a song of this nature needs.

Songwriters Tommy Lee James, Terry McBride and Shane McAnally offer up some particularly poetic turns of phrase in "Are You With Me." Lines like "I wanna fall like the Carolina rain on your skin"  are especially evocative, and juxtaposed with the simple, straightforward production and Corbin's earnest delivery, the result is a song that moves the artist a little bit more toward the commercial middle of country radio, without losing the core traditional leanings that define his music.

Did You Know? Corbin tells Taste of Country that "Are You With Me" is "one of my favorite songs I’ve ever cut.”

Listen to Easton Corbin, "Are You With Me"

Easton Corbin's "Are You With Me" Lyrics

"I wanna dance by water 'neath the Mexican sky / Drink some margaritas by a string of blue lights / Listen to the Mariachi play at midnight / Are you with me, are you with me?"

"I wanna fall like the Carolina rain on your skin / I wanna walk a little too far out on that limb / Take you every place I've been and never been / Are you with me, are you with me?"


"We can chase the wild dreams, live like crazy / Love me baby, come on, come on, come on / Just throw your arms around me / We can run like we won't run out of time."

"I wanna fly so high that I'll never come down / I wanna love so hard, it could rip my heart out / I wanna get so lost that I'll never be found / Are you with me? Are you with me?"

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