I think anyone would want to know about a creepy situation crawling around the neighborhood. By creepy situation, I mean massive spiders crawling around the area in Horizon. Well, at least I would want to know about something like this especially since I have kids.

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Luckily, there's a group on Facebook for mommies in El Paso that look after each other. Well, a heroic Horizon mommy Faith Hogg wanted to spread the word about the creepy-crawler in her neighborhood. Faith told me the story to share with you especially if you have arachnophobia.

via Faith Hogg Facebook

She was just going to her front porch when she noticed this massive spider just chilling on the wall of her home outside. Faith Hogg also mentioned how she made sure to follow it making sure it was away from her home. I'm not exactly sure about Faith Hogg's hand size because she did mention that the spider was bigger than her hand.

via Faith Hogg Facebook

There are some people who are amazed by spiders that they have them for pets. Then there are people like Faith Hogg and I that wouldn't own a spider even if it was the last pet on Earth. The tarantula looks massive as hell in the pictures Faith Hogg shared.

via Faith Hogg Facebook

I would not be able to sleep for days if I just let it roam free outside. I honestly don't understand how some of you sleep at night next to a pet spider. Either way, spiders are freaking creepy, and hate them all big and small. But you've been warned by this El Paso mommy Faith Hogg. So if your children like to play outside at night, keep this in mind to warn them.

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