Eric Church is facing his fears, both imaginary and real, in a new song called "Monsters." The stripped-down acoustic track from his upcoming Desperate Man album finds the singer "on my knees," praying for the strength to face the problems that come his way in life.

The song's lyric is a twist on the familiar theme of a child's irrational fear of the monster under the bed.

"I killed my first monster when I was seven years old / It melted like butter in my bathroom's 60-watt bulb," Church sings over simple acoustic guitar chords to open the track. But as the song progresses, he admits that he's turned to prayer to face his all-too-real challenges as an adult.

"Anymore when a restless feeling keeps me up at night / Falling on my knees is my new turnin' on the light / I keep my faith intact, make sure my prayers are said / 'Cause I've learned that the monsters ain't the ones beneath the bed," he sings in the chorus.

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The arrangement builds throughout the second verse of "Monsters," adding a throbbing bass and drum part that helps imbue the song with a much more hopeful tone as Church hits the second chorus. An interestingly angular electric guitar solo lifts the middle section before Church closes out the track by unexpectedly bringing the lyric back around to childhood fears, bringing it back down to simple acoustic chords as he finds himself by his son's bedside, comforting the boy as he confronts his own fears.

Church has drawn heavily from classic rock and soul influences for Desperate Man, based on many of the songs he's teased from the album so far. In addition to "Monsters," he's previewed a doo-wop influenced track called "Heart Like a Wheel," "Some of It," which is a reflection on how we absorb the lessons life teaches us, and a fiery rocker titled "Hangin' Around" that draws on the heavier side of '70s rock.

Church says the album's title song, "Desperate Man," was inspired by the emotional aftermath of the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in October of 2017.

“I was a little lost for a while. I think like a lot of people I was in a little bit of a funk after something like that,” he tells Rolling Stone Country. “I was still a little burned out. A little bit going through the motions. I think that’s part of what happened when I first went into the studio, is I still wasn’t quite ready to get there."

Church worked once again with producer Jay Joyce on Desperate Man, which is set for release on Oct. 5.

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