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Monday on The Chad Hasty Show, Scott Braddock, Editor of QuorumReport.com, joined the program to talk about the latest news from the Texas State Capitol and the 87th Texas Legislature.

During the discussion on bills moving through the legislative session, Braddock focused much of the time talking about gambling legislation that will be heard in a Texas House Committee this week. Casino gambling remains popular among Texans but it faces a tough uphill battle among Republican lawmakers in the Texas House and Senate. Both pieces of legislation being submitted are constitutional amendments. According to Braddock, that means, if passed, the voters in Texas would get to vote on the issue of expanding gambling in Texas.

How might the battle play out? According to Braddock the future of these bills could rest on how they are presented. Putting people to work and increased tourism versus adding to the state budget.

In the end, Braddock took a dim view of expanding gambling in Texas calling it a "long shot" and that he "wouldn't bet on it."

Braddock also discussed the news from over the weekend that over 100 corporate CEO's gathered over video conference to discuss election bills in Georgia, Texas, and other states and how that could impact Texas. The CEO's of these companies are attempting to present a United front after Republicans and Democrats alike have complained about the coverage and how far CEO's are going in their public opinion of voting laws. Democrats want the CEO's to speak out more and threaten to boycott stats. Meanwhile Republicans have been accusing the CEO's of parroting woke mobs on Twitter.

Listen to the entire interview with Scott Braddock in the player above. 

More news, information and commentary from Braddock may be found at: QuorumReport.com 

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