Singer-songwriter Frank Maroney is premiering his new song "Neon & Vinyl" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Co-written by Maroney, Olivia Rudeen and Jeff Anderson, "Neon & Vinyl" is both a tribute to and written from the perspective of one of the most iconic relics in honky-tonk history: the jukebox. "I’m just neon and vinyl / Three-minute hymns from a bar room Bible," Maroney sings. "Memories and melodies lined up by title / No one could save 'em or play 'em the way that I will."

Maroney describes "Neon & Vinyl" as a crowd-pleaser at his live shows, but getting it produced in just the right way was a bit of a challenge. "I have two different demos of the song, and people seemed to love the acoustic version way more than the full-band version," Maroney tells The Boot. "My producer, Ed Williams, and I talked a lot about getting the production on the song right. We didn’t want the band getting in the way of the song.

"In the end, we really focused on letting the lyrics and the harmonies on those choruses shine through," he adds, "'cause, to me, that’s what makes the song."

An experienced songwriter who attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass., and spent years working at Sony/ATV in Nashville, Maroney is now an independent artist who's gearing up to  release his debut full-length album, titled Scarecrow, on which "Neon & Vinyl" appears. It's a tribute to his time spent growing up in Big Sky Country, from hunting in Kansas with his family as a kid to living the "ski bum" life in Steamboat Springs, Colo.

“When I was a kid my life was carved by mountains and wide open plains. I’ve got the west in my blood," Maroney says. "I grew up in Big Sky Country, so I guess you could say that I write big sky country."

Scarecrow is due out on Feb. 7. Fans can keep up with Maroney at

Listen to Frank Maroney's "Neon & Vinyl"

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