Singer-songwriter and noted country guitarist Frankie Ballard says that the first time he ever heard his music on a major radio station, with no idea that the song was coming, it came on a tough day. Not only did the experience offer a much-needed boost, but it also taught Ballard about the true impact of radio's reach. Read on to learn more, in the artist's own words. 

I heard myself on a local hometown station with an old song that I had, but I knew that was coming. The first time I heard it and I had no idea it was coming, I was in Nashville.

I had a writing appointment, and it was kind of a long day. The write didn't go very well. My head was kind of, like, just spun out. I had the windows down and the radio on, and I was stuck in traffic. And, bam! This song called "Tell Me You Get Lonely," which was one of my first-ever tries at radio, was playing on the Big 98 in Nashville. It just blew me away. It sounded big and loud.

And then I was just overwhelmed thinking about who else in traffic might have been listening to that station. The chances are, a few of these people were listening! I really felt the power and the impact of radio for the first time. It was just magic.

Oh yeah, [I still turn it up and listen when I hear my songs today]. At the end of the day, the radio station that puts your song out to the people, out to its listeners, they're helping you promote what you do: your passion, your life, your music, your songs. I owe them so much for all the spins. If I hear one, I will give it everything I've got.

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