Game of Thrones came to an end with the series finale of the beloved television show on Sunday, May 19. Fans and celebrities alike reacted to the ending of the 8-season show. Everyone had a lot of opinions on who came out on top.

Janelle Monae spent time pre-gaming for the event while floating in a pool, sipping a drink. Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres was confused by all the GoT hype, but supported her wife Portia DeRossi's television obsession.

Sofia Vergara even had her own GoT watch party complete with a food truck. Elsewhere, Kerry Washington had a more relaxed watch party with friends, something she did on a regular basis while watching the series.


Kelly Clarkson was very vocal about her support for Sansa Stark. "She ain’t a little bird no more," she tweeted. "She’s comin’ 4 that crown & Snow doesn’t want it & he is in love with a Dragon goddess turned straight up psychopath. & Daenerys was dead as soon as Arya witnessed the mother & daughter get burned alive. Yep. Bye bye Dragon Lady."

The GoT cast shared emotional posts bidding their historic television show farewell. Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) shared images of her and the cast along with her iconic braids. She wrote that it was hard to find the correct words to bid farewell to the series with.

See what other celebs had to say about the series finale, below:

Then & Now: The Cast of 'Game of Thrones'


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