With so much violence and crime happening in our area, a lot of people are getting their concealed handgun license.  Blake is giving you a chance to get it at 50% off the regular price.

Blake has kicked off his annual Seize the Deal Auction and has a variety of awesome items up for grabs.  One thing that caught my interest was a concealed handgun license.  I don't own a gun and have never even thought about owning one until recently.  There is so much crime and violence happening in our city and having a little protection would put me at ease.

In Blake's Seize The Deal auction, you can get a class for two at 50% off!  The classes are taught by Dixon Firearms. The Dixon Firearms Training classes are given and taught by an experienced, professional instructor who is TX DPS and NRA certified. They are here to serve your needs and to make you learn the skills and training needed to safely operate a handgun.  This is such a great price but there is a limited amount so go get it now!

That is just one of the great deals on the STD Auction.  If you like hunting, there is a great hunting trip for four and gift certificates to Erwin Pawn.  There is tree houses, a gun cabinet, and even pool parties.