When you have a pet, they become a part of your family.  No one wants to think about losing their pet and that's why getting them microchip is a great idea.   If they get lost, then any vet, shelter, etc can scan them and find you!

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The Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare is helping you out.  Getting your pet microchipped is affordable.   The AAM&W is offering discounted mircrochipping for just $10 through December 31st.   Plus the service comes with lifetime registration.

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If you have been putting off getting your pet microchipped don't wait any longer.

Not only is the AAM&W offering discounted microchips, they are also waiving reclaim fees through December 31st (some restrictions do apply).  In other words, if your pet gets out and is picked up by the AAM&W, then you won't have to pay a fee to get them back.

If you need more information on getting your pet microchipped you can call 806-378-6033.