Here's how we can prove that Tech fans are the best and not the worst.

I'm pretty sure the scooter makers can absorb the loss, but it's a bit harder to lose your transportation when you're just a guy.

Fidel Leon had the unfortunate luck of being parked near the rowdy Tech crowd. The result, his car being kicked to crap and being turned over. Nobody deserves this (except for maybe the kind of people who would do it to others). It appears a friend of Fidel's set up a GoFundMe for $50K. The fundraiser is going slow so far, and in fact, some people are even being jerks about the value of the car. I look at it this way, not only does the guy have to replace his car, he's going to have to find other rides just to live life in the meantime.

C'mon Lubbock, let's step up to help replace this car and partially erase this embarrassing night from Lubbock history

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