There is definitely some cold air out and about in the Panhandle and forecasters are calling for some of the coldest tempratures in a decade over the next week or so and while folks are doing everything to protect propery there is one thing you do need to keep an eye on. Heat Lamps.

Heat lamps are great for keeping our food warm and on the farm they are invaluable as warming devices for incubators but they also happen to be a very real fire danger.  Drought conditions across the Panhandle are adding to the issue making for some very dry animal bedding that is just waiting for an ignition source and heat lamps are exactly what the doctor ordered.

The Hartley Fire Department responded to a call for service with a barn burning down Friday Morning, Luckily enough no livestock were in the barn when the event happened.

If you do happen to need to use these items double check that they are well secured using chains and not twine. inspect the cabling to make sure there are no potential fray points. this is one item you should spend money on, you get exactly what you pay for. there are thicker glass bulbs available at many ag supply stores as well that are less likely to shatter during a fall, smoke detectors are handy, even though you may be in a detatched building having some indication that something isnt right might just buy you some time as well. If the structure doesn't have GFCI outlets now might be a good time to make an investment that could very well keep you out of trouble in the first place.

Oh and if you're putting them on a dog house or small shelter... might just be easier to bring the critters inside.

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