Here are YouTube channels that I found that are doing live streams (at the time of this writing) without all of the commentary during Hurricane Laura. Some do include footage from Louisiana along with their footage of Texas.

This is a live feed from Galveston that has been interesting to watch. I saw someone drive by with the tiniest boat I've ever seen in my life. It also has a pretty good view of the pier.

This is one of the better feeds on YouTube. They have feeds from several different areas that are going to be impacted by the hurricane.

This feed had another angle on the beach at Galveston, looking the other direction. The viewpoint does change periodically. It's good if you're looking for more than one vantage point.

This live stream, obviously, has a camera set up right on the pier in Galveston.

Another option is to just skip YouTube and popular streaming services all together. You can visit Galveston's website which has a list of beach cams for you to watch. You can find those here.

Also, there are several beach cams on the Bolivar Peninsula website. You can find those here.

Several years ago, I lived near Galveston and spent pretty much every weekend there. It's sad to see that area may be getting hit by another massive hurricane. When I moved there, it hadn't been long since Katrina and the lasting impacts of the hurricane were heartbreaking.

We're all keeping the Gulf in our thoughts today, and hoping that everyone gets through this safe and sound.

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