Well if yesterday showed us anything, it's that severe weather season is upon us in Amarillo. Tornadoes, baseball sized hail, damaging winds, all things that are incredible to watch but not be a part of.

The most important thing about being in a storm of that magnitude is staying safe, so here's a few tips for you as we enter the season.

1. Check The Sky

Going outside to look up at the clouds can tell you a lot. Dark grey, almost black clouds could be the sign of a severe storm capable of producing some good sized hail. If that sky has a greenish tint to it, that tells you it's capable of producing a tornado and you should be ready to seek shelter at a moments notice.

2. Know Where To Shelter

One of the things you should always know is the place you're going to shelter if needed. Underground is always your first option, somewhere like a basement for example. If you don't have that, look for an overground tornado shelter. If neither of these are available to you and there isn't one you can migrate to, find a room in your residence (or wherever you may be) that doesn't have outside walls. A bathroom with a tub you can lay down in is a great option as well.

3. Get Out of Mobile Homes

With it being a standalone structure that isn't attached to the ground in some capacity, this is one of the easiest things for a tornado to pick up and throw around. Aside from standing outside in the middle of the storm, a mobile home is pretty much the last place you want to be.

4. Prepare an Emergency Bag

The bag should consist of things such as a flashlight or glow sticks as power will most likely go out, batteries, clean clothes, a good amount of drinking water, a first aid kit and non perishable foods that don't need to be heated up. This is of paramount importance as it will allow you to survive and stay healthy if there is extended power outages or damage to your residence making it uninhabitable.

5. Stay Vigilant

As long as you stay on top of the weather and heed any warnings that are issued, you will give yourself the best chance to escape and survive the storm. Remember, just because there's a warning issued in your area, it doesn't mean it WILL happen, but it means the potential for it is there or there have been reports near you of those things. Don't brush it off, take the warnings seriously.

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