If you happen to be downtown and cruising down third around Buchanan you might find yourself looking at the new mural on the side of the Dependable Plumbing office.

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The new mural has even got a little attention on Social Media:

A plumbing office with a water theme...

What's cool about it, I actually had a chance to talk with the artist as they were still working on it this afternoon and while the mural doesn't have a name it has a very obvious water theme and if you think about the office that it's on it makes perfect sense. Poseidon is depicted commanding the ocean and the Taurus shows a sign of strength.

Here for the long haul

After a lot of paint the artist also mentions that he hopes that it stays up for the long haul and it should break up nicely with a little help with the sun over the decades. Honestly this is what gives them a little character over time.

More Art Needed

Honestly we all talk about how Amarillo can use a little more color, threes plenty of walls in this town that could use a little bit of art. and honestly murals are a great way to showcase local talent which there is plenty of here in town if you know where to look. It's great to see a company take advantage of that and add a little color to what would just be another wall of bricks on another typical street downtown.

If you want to check it out, the artist who is working on the mural says it should be fully complete in the next few days.

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