UPDATE 04/08

Good News! We can now report that the Randall County Sheriff's office has located Brianna Gilbert and she is safe.

Original Story:

There's nothing exciting about someone going missing, There's always the what happened that made them go missing question that eats at us. Maybe they're just walking off into the sunset to start a new life. Maybe they're in trouble. Whatever the case may be I just don't want to see them on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries:

It wouldn't happen anyway because the show isn't even on air anymore and two even if it was without Robert Stack its utter hot garbage at best.

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Brianna Gilbert just walked off

The video itself is rather eerie to watch. Its security footage at its finest. no sound and black and white but it shows that on the evening of Tuesday, March 30th. Brianna Gilbert walked out of the Plains Diary never to be seen again.

So what exactly do we know?

Not much. She had texted her significant other after her shift, but nothing else and according to her co-workers she had been seen talking to a hispanic man outside earlier in the shift before leaving for the day at 8pm. According to her supervisors she was someone who showed up on time.

When her Signifigant Other wasn't able to pick her up at 8pm that was the first hint something was up. According to family members, Brianna is not one to leave without an explanation. Her own mother has made the trip from Oklahoma to help search for her.

Let's help find Brianna

Like our host from Unsolved Mysteries, Perhaps YOU may be able to help solve the mystery. and why not? This audience helped track down missing pyrex bowls so our track record is already 1-0. According to the Randall County Sheriff's office Brianna is 22 years old, brown hair and blue eyes. she was last seen wearing dark blue jeans and a dark colored poncho.

Let's get her back to her family Amarillo! Hopefully this is a story with a happy ending. I know we can do this

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