Brad and Curtis Rempel, the brothers of High Valley, loaded their "Grew Up on That" music video full of personal mementos and snapshots from throughout their lives. As the pair and their band perform the song, the clip pans across a garage wall covered in photographs, and the Rempels are eager to share the stories of those moments with fans.

In a new behind-the-scenes clip from the filming of the music video, premiering exclusively on The Boot, High Valley give fans an up-close look at the photos on the set's wall. There's one that shows a homemade swimming pool their dad made: "[We had] a wooden swimming pool, until one of the walls fell over," Curtis Rempel recalls. There's also a photo of a small shop in which the Rempel family lived while their father built their home; years later, it was the site of Curtis' proposal to his wife Myranda.

Readers can press play above to watch the Rempels share more about the memories that hang on the wall in their latest music video. The two are natives of La Crete, Alberta, Canada, and, as fans will figure out from this behind-the-scenes clip, grew up on a farm.

"I love how our directors Benno Nelson and Sam Siske were able to help us travel through time with the videos and photos of our childhood all the way to present day," Brad Rempel reflects in a press release. “Turns out we’ve changed a lot, but we also haven’t changed at all.”

"Grew Up on That" is the title track of High Valley's new EP, released on May 22. Brad Rempel, Ben Stennis and Jaron Boyer co-wrote the track, which is one of six on the project.

Watch High Valley's "Grew Up on That" Music Video

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