Alan Jackson's love story with his wife Denise is one of country music's greatest pairings, but the crazy way he introduced himself to her would not be advisable today.

The couple met when they were both teenagers in high school in Newnan, Ga., and as Denise recalled to GAC's Backstory in 2011, Jackson first introduced himself to her by tossing a penny down her shirt and asking if he could go get it. When that didn't work, the future country superstar did the only thing he could do, naturally: he hid in the back seat of her car when it was parked at the local Dairy Queen, and when she got in to drive away, he jumped out and scared her to get her attention.

That's a move that probably wouldn't fly today, when cops might be called to the scene. But it worked for Jackson, who's quite a bit bolder than fans sometimes realize due to his low-key public demeanor. A recent episode of the video series The Secret History of Country Music chronicled some of Jackson's most outlaw moments over the years. Every Monday, Taste of Country News host Ania Hammar takes fans inside the untold stories of country music's biggest hits, moments and artists.

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