Mmmm, natural casing or vacu-sealed hot dogs on the grill this 4th of July?

Well, as long as there's plenty of mustard and dill pickles on it, I'll eat it.

But, no ketchup on a hot dog, ever.   See, being raised in a big family, I remember summer cook outs with my Dad at the big, black Weber grill, cooking hot dogs and hamburgers as fast as my Mom could plate them.  And, after the smoke cleared, we kids would line up with our paper thin paper plates, attempting to add the condiment of choice in one hand, while balancing the now wafer thin paper plate in the other.  And then the big decision, ketchup or mustard.  You had to "pour" ketchup from an oversized bottle or  I could "squeeze" out the mustard from a plastic tub.  So, of course, squeezing out a line of mustard is much more satisfying than just pouring out a glob of ketchup.

Plus, if your big brother cut in line, you could squeeze out a yellow skunk line down the back of his sweat soaked t-shirt.

Ketchup or mustard?  Pickles or onions? Whatever you add to your hot dog this 4th of July, remember, never cut in line of an 8 year old  holding a squeeze bottle of mustard.