Ok, I'm not exactly a doom scroller, I don't spend hours on end diving into facebook, twitter and instagram. but I opened up my twitter feed and the first thing I saw was this fine gem...

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The shot heard around Texas...

I thought to myself "oh lord, you are trying to test me with this clickbait."

My heart rate started going up I started thinking about some of the top names in BBQ right now happen to be Texan, the likes of Aaron Franklin who's all over PBS teaching the world our secrets. Here in Amarillo our own kings of smoke Tyler Frazier who makes the list of Texas Monthly's bbq top 50 frequently or former mayoral candidate Michael Hunt who smokes up some good 'cue downtown. The BBQ capitol of the world happens to be in Texas! (Lockhart IS worth the trip, It's a 30 min boot scoot southeast of Austin on US183) For crying out loud we're in cattle country here in the Panhandle where do you think all them packer briskets come from? There are even schools that host BBQ as competitive sports. YES there is a state championship even. BBQ is in our DNA here in the lone star state.

I don't need some out of state city slickin (well i'd swear but the kids are reading) telling me Miami, Florida can do anything better with a smoker than we can. and isn't Seattle renowned for it's fish market? Ok... Maybe St. Louis belongs on there....

Homemade Smoked Barbecue Pork Ribs Ready to Eat

Let's be fair, and I am doing my darnedest to be... El Paso and Austin made the list for best at 12th and 18th respectively but I want to throw some sand on this fire fast. I am an El Paso native and we aren't known for our 'Cue (there are a handful of good spots that aren't chains). Austin is. With Lockhart nearby as part of the region there are plenty of high quality places in Central Texas that put it on this list. The likes of which include Smitty's, Kruez Market, and any variation of Blacks' (Original or Terry's) not to mention Mueller's, Southside Market or Myer's in Elgin which the last two really focus on sausage but do just fine with brisket too.

So what brought the state down?

The rest of the list of worst BBQ took stabs at Houston, San Antonio, Plano and Fort Worth, Like El Paso, San Antonio isn't exactly a BBQ town, Sure enough if you been the big story there is Bill Miller BBQ and Grady's which both have many locations in and around South Texas. Bill Miller has a central kitchen in San Antonio that distributes among its restaurants keeping costs lower and that may be a factor into why the love wasn't there for it. as for H-town there are plenty of good places, but there are also plenty of mediocre places too. but for a city of 4 million folks that doesn't help.

I get it. It's clickbait and based on reviews, but for goodness sake these guys sure know how to give a BBQ guy a near heart attack. Who's hungry? Let's go eat out of spite!

Wanna read the article from Chef's Pencil? It's right here

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