For some people, a fun night out means dinner and a movie. Some people like sitting under the stars at an outdoor concert. For some of us, we want adrenaline pumping suspense.

In Amarillo, you're in luck if you want an experience that will cater to your adventurous side. There are several places that offer escape rooms and murder mysteries on the High Plains. Here are a few to get you started in your search.



  • Xcape Room Warehouse Amarillo
    Xcape Room Warehouse Amarillo

    Xcape Room Warehouse

    This attraction offers two escape rooms, with a third being built. Current themes are an old saloon where you must grab the loot before a murderous gang descends on you. The other is an escape where you have been kidnapped while on vacation. You have an hour to escape before your captors return. A third is being built with an Egyptian theme.

  • Amarillo Escape and Mystery
    Amarillo Escape and Mystery

    Amarillo Escape and Mystery

    This attraction offers escapes and also gives you a chance to book a murder mystery party. Escape themes include a jungle, wild west jail, Abbyville Boarding House (which is haunted), and a Parisian vacation gone wrong.

    The murder mystery parties can be booked and include a meal. Check their website for details.

  • Suite Escape Amarillo
    Suite Escape Amarillo

    Suite Escape

    Suite Escape's themes are a little different from the others. They are purposefully made to be kid friendly. In one scenario you have been grounded by your parents and your dad has left clues on how to get out of your room. There is also a fantasy theme (think elves), a pirate ghost theme, and then a darker escape based on a knitting serial killer.

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