Amarillo is an interesting place for sports fans, Yes we have the Sod Poodles, which by the way you can listen to on our sister station News Talk 940. Then there's the return of hockey with the Wranglers coming to town next year but how about football? Yep, Got you covered there and believe it or not the Amarillo Venom are taking it to the next level this season

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The Amarillo Venom play at the Civic Center and so far managed to win the last 3 of their 5 games. They do run a short 6 game season with the final coming up against the West Texas Warbirds at the Ector County Coliseum down in Odessa.

What makes Indoor Football so much fun is the game tempo is much faster and unlike the College and NFL Guys stoppage in play is much less frequent. Honestly that's one of my big gripes with the game. For a game with f 15 minute quarters how the heck do we get to three hours? Not the case here, just straight up action

Football Ball On Grass in a Stadium

There's a differences, like the field of play, it's only 50 yards. again pace is important here. With more plays, points rack up quick. Some of the snap rules are different as far as who's allowed to move when the ball is being snapped but does it really matter? It's football! and unlike the NFL the prices are reasonable.

Big shoutout to Coach Reese for getting the team to the championship and it's great that they are representing Amarillo. Fangs Up!

The Charm of Main Street and Downtown Borger, Texas

This once-lawless Wild West boomtown is now a quiet town of 13,000 nestled in the Texas Panhandle. Located 40 miles north of Amarillo and 13 miles from Lake Meredith, the city of Borger is your typical small town. Friendly faces and warm greetings will surround you as you stroll down Borger's Main Street--a trip we highly recommend you take at least once in your life time.

A Look Inside the Abandoned St. Anthony's Hospital in Amarillo, Texas

The old St. Anthony's hospital in Amarillo, Texas has sat abandoned--but not forgotten--since the early 2000s. The 100-year-old structure still cuts an imposing and impressive figure against the Amarillo skyline. The building serves as a cornerstone memory for many Amarillo natives--the place where life begun (or came to an end).

But for decades, the old St. Anthony's hospital has remained under careful surveillance, and not many know what now lies within. In July 2021, local artist and photographer, Ian Watson, was granted full access to the abandoned hospital--his photos offer an intimate and stark look at the legendary landmark of St. Anthony's as it stands now.

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