If ever a year was in need of some good old summer fun, it is 2020. And luckily, country music songstress Ingrid Andress is giving us some fun and a whole lot more in her brand new song “Waste of Lime.”

Waste of lime…waste of time…get it?

Does Andress have a way with words, or what?

 “I would do anything for y’all,” Andress wrote on her Instagram in a post introducing the fun song to her fans. “Like lay halfway over a kiddie pool of freezing water in a suit just to get this photo kinda thing. Hope y’all r loving WoL!! Comment your fave lyrics from the song!”

The song, which Andress released Thursday (July 2), is a tropical jaunt of summer fun, underscored by a most definite nod to the Beach Boys' classic song “Kokomo.” Andress co-wrote the song alongside Derrick Southerland, Sam Ellis and Grammy-winning songwriter Shane McAnally.

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, Andress was forced to create a social distancing-friendly music video for the song. In fact, video director Lauren Dunn actually directed the entire video via Facetime.

The song is a bit of a left turn for Andress, who has released a whole lot heavier songs in recent months, including “The Stranger” and “More Hearts Than Mine” from her debut album, Lady Like.

"I feel like after one listen, you're like, 'I know who that girl is and what she stands for,'" Andress told Taste of Country earlier this year about the new album. “A lot of the times, we put on what we think people want to see or how we want to be perceived, but there's something really beautiful about being straightforward with how you feel. I think people will connect to each other a lot more if they're just honest with their feelings.”

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