Carrie Underwood is pregnant with her second child, she announced Wednesday morning (Aug. 8), and if you take a closer look at the video reveal, she may have even told us her baby is a girl — without saying a word about it.

It wasn't a big surprise that Underwood dropped tour news this week, since she told Taste of Country tour dates were coming when she performed at WE Fest over the weekend. But she dropped a real bombshell at the end of the video when she said, "You might be wondering and asking, 'Carrie, why is your tour starting in May?'" The camera then pulled back to reveal that she was sitting under a balloon that spells out, "Baby."

"Mike and Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond!" Underwood shares. She didn't mention anything about a due date or the sex of the baby, but if you look at the video with a different eye, it's hard not to notice that just about everything in the room is pink or pink-ish:

Underwood's wearing a pink jacket, she's sitting on a sofa with pink tones in it ... it's even hard to tell if the balloon that says "Baby" is pink or silver, because if it's silver, it's reflecting so much pink in the room that it looks pink.

Uh ... not to belabor the obvious, but pink is the color people use to announce they're expecting a girl, folks. Coincidence? We suspect not.

Dig a little bit deeper into Underwood's 2019 Cry Pretty Tour 360 dates and you can also kind of get a sense of when she might be due. She's already admitted the tour was planned for later because of her pregnancy, and you'd have to figure she'd want at least 12 weeks at home with her new baby (girl?) to recover and prepare to hit the road. That puts her due date somewhere in late January, which wouldn't be odd; the couple welcomed their first child, Isaiah, in February of 2015.

What do you think? Is Underwood's baby a girl or a boy? Let us know if you agree with our detective work in the comments below.

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