Sure, Peanuts had their Thanksgiving specials that were good. I'll agree that WKRP's turkey drop is pure television gold. Still, there's no denying King of the Hill remains the king of Thanksgiving episodes.

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It's Texas At It's Finest

It isn't hard to find a piece of yourself and everyone you know in every episode of King of the Hill. We all know, at times personally relate to, every character. That's what makes the show so good. That's why King of the Hill's Thanksgiving episodes are the best that TV has to offer.

Goodbye Normal Jeans

In this classic episode, Bobby takes Home Economics and winds up being fantastic at everything from cooking to sewing. Unfortunately, this makes Peg more than just a little jealous. Things come to a head when Bobby takes on cooking a special turkey.

Happy Hank's Giving

This episode finds each of the characters stuck at the airport for Thanksgiving. Each character shines as we find out their individual plans for the holiday. It gets even better when they all pitch in to create the Thanksgiving meal with whatever they have on hand.

This was the episode where we were introduced to the Thanksgiving pizza.

Spin The Choice

This episode is wild from beginning to end. Bobby goes overboard trying to honor indigenous people for Thanksgiving. Hank gets completely blindsided by John Redcorn's admission that he "wants his son back."

As is the case with most things King of the Hill, they know how to take a topic and blow it way out of proportion, and then bring it back down for a heartwarming finish.

That's why King of the Hill is king of Texas Thanksgivings.

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