Spend any amount of time online, and eventually you'll see a video on TikTok, any of the thousands of news articles, or a meme about upside down pineapples and their meaning. According to the denizens of the Internet, it means someone is active in "the lifestyle." Another way of saying it is, swingers.

Texas Is Surprisingly Accommodating To The Lifestyle

I honestly was surprised when I went searching for information about these types of clubs in the Lone Star State. There's actually a pretty decent number of clubs in Texas that openly cater to the lifestyle.

It shouldn't be a surprise that they're concentrated mostly in the bigger cities. Austin, DFW, Houston, and San Antonio all have ample representation among the search results.

They all operate as private clubs. That means you have to pay a membership fee just to get in the door, and for the most part it hovers around $100 a couple. That's a portrait of old Ben Franklin just to be able to see what the inside of the joint looks like.

Expensive hobby.

Most People Have A Lot Of Love For Their Favorite Club

It seems like most of these clubs are more than welcoming to couples and singles alike. That's something I wasn't prepared for. Several reviews mention how hospitable the staff and management are.

The lifestyle clubs of Texas, however, aren't immune to bad reviews. There's everything from pearl clutching moralists to a DJ that just can't get the mix right to save their life. Who would play "YMCA" at a place like this?

Other reviews speak of a lack of understanding, or disagreement over, the rules. Some just simply don't make any sense at all.

Is there some grand conspiracy among DJs, or is it just nit-picky online reviewers? Check out these 26 funny bad reviews and decide for yourself.

Funny Bad Reviews Of Texas "Lifestyle" Clubs

If you've ever wondered what could ruin an upside down pineapple, lifestyle, club; here are 26 funny bad reviews of Texas "lifestyle" clubs.

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