Recently, it was announced that the governor of Texas would be honoring Amarillo with the distinction of being a music-friendly city. Before I moved to town, I was told that Yellow City was a great place for live music. No matter how you feel about the current state of the "scene" in Amarillo, we have a history.

I recently came across this awesome piece of that history that goes back to the late 60s.

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When doing some digging into Amarillo's musical past, I recently came across a video on YouTube that I had never seen before. It was simply titled "The Hysterical Society - I Know". The date listed on the video is 1967.

I'm a fan of '60s rock. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to give this a listen.

Having never heard of The Hysterical Society but absolutely loving the name, I decided to dig. It turns out that The Hysterical Society was somewhat popular regionally in their day.

The band only lasted for a handful of years before breaking up. While together, they were given an opportunity to leave the Texas panhandle and head to New York City to record. Supposedly, they met Bob Dylan and Napoleon XIV while they were there.

Unfortunately, the band didn't see any major "success" from their efforts in New York City. They eventually split ways, with some members going on to perform with other bands and continue their own careers in music.

I love the song. It reminds me of The Kingsmen or The Kinks. Do you remember The Hysterical Society?

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