This time of year always seems rough in Amarillo, Texas when it comes to illness. We get it all from flu and strep, to stomach bugs. Now, with covid being added into the mix, there's even more illness to be concerned about. The strange thing is that this year it isn't just people that are affected. Pets have plenty to be concerned about, too.

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Flu, Strep, Covid In Amarillo

This week has been a tough one for illness. I know a few people who have tested positive for covid, my son has flu with a side of strep, and I received an alert from one of my kids' schools stating that there has been a positive case of covid.

It's that time of year. Take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest. Wash your hands. Maybe throw in some vitamins for good measure. Eat nutritional foods. Avoid being around people who are sick. You know the drill.

Mystery Illness Affecting Dogs

It isn't just people that are at risk this time of year. There are reports of a mystery illness affecting dogs, and it has supposedly made its way into Texas. I spoke with an individual from a local rescue, and they told me that it is something that many are concerned about.

It's a respiratory illness that affects dogs, and no one is really sure what exactly is causing it. In some cases, it has been fatal. The symptoms are coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, and watery eyes. In some cases, there's even fever and loss of energy and appetite.

Keep an eye on your dog, and if something seems off call the vet.

It's that time of year. This year, take care of yourself and your four-legged friend.

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