In Texas, we love giving gifts. There are studies out there to prove it. However, you need to be sure that your gift-giving doesn't land you, or the person you're giving a gift to, in hot water. Take for instance the person who delivers your mail. You might feel inclined to bless them with a gift as a way of saying thank you, but there are some very strict rules in place you'll need to follow.

The Difference Between A Bribe And A Gift For Your Texas Mail Carrier

It seems insane, but there are some rules you need to abide by when giving a gift to your mail carrier. There's a lot of legal and government mumbo-jumbo involved, but basically, it boils down to you accidentally trying to bribe a government official if you aren't careful.

It's wild. I know. You just wanted to be nice, and the next thing you know you're supposedly attempting to bribe someone. Welcome to the modern world.

According to the United States Postal Service website, when it comes to gift giving there is a limit on how much you can give. Heads up, it's not a whole lot. Especially in 2023.

There Is A Limit On How Much You Can Spend On The Person Delivering Your Mail

According to the USPS website, the limit on how much you can spend is $20 per occasion. To make matters more confusing, it can't be in cash. It also can't be in checks or gift cards. By the way, those can't be accepted in any amount. Then you have restrictions on the number of times you can give a gift, and how much the grand total can come out to in a year.

No employee of the USPS can accept over $50 worth of gifts, from one customer,  in a calendar year. You've got to spread that out over 365 days.

So, What Can You Get For Your Texas Mail Carrier This Christmas?

Something that costs less than $20 and isn't a gift card is the simple answer. That knocks most alcohol out of the equation unless you're gifting forties. I suppose a nice picture frame would work. You might knit a scarf or beanie. That's not $20;  it's priceless.

No matter what you get for your mail carrier, and I know a lot of people who love to give a gift to their mail delivery person, just keep it within the to speak. That will make sure no one gets in trouble.

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