I loved pro wrestling as a kid. I grew up alongside Hulkamania. My buddies and I ate our vitamins and said our prayers. We idolized names like Randy Savage, Undertaker, Hart Foundation, Hacksaw, Nature Boy, the list goes on and on. So, I was really excited when I got the opportunity to chat it up with the current MPW champion Pierce Price, and challenger Gino Rivera.

It was a war of words ahead of Borger's big day, and I barely got a word in.

The MPW Champion, "Pass-A-Fist" Pierce Price

Cool. Calm. Collected. That's how I would describe Pierce. He came into the phone call existing in a certain state of zen. When he spoke of his accomplishment, becoming the champ, it was only in the way that the whole experience was one of personal growth.

He didn't call anyone out. He didn't talk any smack. It was a positive message of "believe in yourself".

Gino Rivera, however, was a different story.

Challenger Gino Rivera, Mr. "ToldYouSo"

Gino has a reputation, and it's one he's proud to live up to. He knows what he wants, and he gets what he wants. What he wants, apparently, is the MPW title.

The moment Gino came on the line, it was an absolute auditory barrage. Rivera invoked every name and title he's been given ( I think. It's a long list.), and after quasi congratulating Pierce on his title win...well, he basically said, "Sorry 'bout ya."

Go back and watch highlights of Rivera's previous fights wherever you can find them. He's a stellar athlete that has seen plenty of time in the ring on some of the biggest stages the world has to offer.

This will be no cake walk for the reigning champ.

You can hear the uncut version of the interview above. I'll be seeing you Saturday, Borger.

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