Way back before the Texas panhandle was home to memories of Route 66, and the precursor to the deserts of I-40, the area was more wild and untamed. That is, except for the ranches that existed. Towns were springing up, and some had reputations that have long outlived their actual existence.

The first cemetery in Potter County is home to several tragic stories from that time.

Harsh Reminder Of The Grim Realities Of Frontier Living

The cemetery was built on the old LX Ranch. The first burial in the cemetery was in 1887.

From information I've been able to find, the grave would belong to the LX Ranch's bookkeeper's wife. She died in the rough and tumble panhandle town of Tascosa. Six weeks later, her first born son would be laid beside her.

Then, in 1888, another infant would be laid to rest in the cemetery.

Exposure, Horse Accidents, And A Mystery

Supposedly, the next grave that was dug was for a man who died when his horse fell on him. He was attempting to rope a yearling, according to the story.

Another man got his wagon caught in quicksand on the Canadian River. While getting the wagon out, he suffered exposure that led to a fatal case of pneumonia. Another man was simply found in a corral, with a bridle in his hand.

There are no other details offered as to what happened surrounding his death, at least not that I was able to find.

The First Cemetery Today

It still exists, and from what I've been told it rests in a place with incredible views. The kind of place you would want to be laid to rest in the Texas panhandle. It's fascinating how long the cemetery has been looked after and cared for, and the stories it holds are reminders of just how tough life on the high plains can be.

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