When you think of a Texas-style Christmas program, you might imagine cowboy hats. Perhaps your mind's eye takes you on a journey to a small rural church where a guy who is obviously the world's biggest George Strait fan plays guitar and sings Christmas hymns. What you probably don't expect is flying drummers.

Prestonwood Baptist Church Goes Viral Over Christmas Program

Prestonwood Baptist is in Plano, Texas, and Prosper, Texas. Their website features a ton of information on classes, workshops, workbooks you can purchase in their bookstore, and even an upcoming Alaskan Cruise. What they're internet-famous for, though, is their Christmas program.

You're greeted with a video from the program when you visit their website. At one point, there are even camels involved.

Flying Drummers And Aerial Acrobatics During Your Church Service

The video that has been gaining a lot of attention features a scene from the church's Christmas program. In it you can see people performing aerial acrobatics, flying through the sky, and doing somersaults.

At one point, you even see flying drummers.

Internet Comments Are Having A Field Day With The Performance

Many point out the over-the-top nature of the performance and how it contrasts with the story of a child in a manger, angels visiting shepherds, and three wise men traveling with their gifts. To each their own I say.

It does catch you a bit off guard. We can all admit that. No one is really expecting to see what appears to be a dancing snowman and people flying through the air in a Texas-sized yuletide version of Cirque Du Soleil while smoke blasts in the background.

Everything is bigger in Texas. That goes for our Christmas church services, too.

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