When Santa makes his annual ride this year, there is one spot in Texas that is better than any other to possibly get a glimpse of him and his sleigh. The team at Assurance crunched the numbers, did the research, and put out a list of the best cities in the US for seeing Santa fly by on Christmas Eve. One of them is in Texas.

Where Should You Go To See Santa Fly On Christmas Eve?

According to the study that was done, the best places to see Santa on his ride all have a few things in common. The criteria for being a good spot for seeing Santa are:

  • high elevation
  • low light pollution
  • better than average visibility and reduced cloud cover

If you're hoping to see Santa fly by this weekend, these are the types of places you'll want to go. The team behind the research also looked at which cities use Santa trackers the most for their study.

Which City In Texas Is The Best For Seeing Santa?

According to the study, the best city in Texas for seeing Santa riding by on his sleigh is El Paso, Texas. It checks all the boxes.

They ranked the top cities for seeing Santa across the country. Not only is El Paso the only city in Texas to make the list, but it actually ranked 8th overall. One of the biggest reasons is the wide open desert sky in El Paso. They ranked 3rd overall for visibility.

Where El Paso didn't rank as well was in the use of Santa trackers. That's probably what brought their overall ranking down when compared to other cities on the list.

You can see the entire study here, and if you're looking for the best place in Texas to see Santa and his reindeer overhead go to El Paso.

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