It's a battle that many of us probably didn't see coming in Texas. The Lone Star State decided to crack down on websites that requiring them to demand some proof of age before access could be granted. Usually, this entails providing your driver's license to gain access to the site. One of the most infamous websites, which goes by the street name "The Hub", blocked access to Texans earlier this month. So, what are Texans searching for now that they've been cut off?

Texans Aren't Going Down WIthout A Fight, So To Speak

Search data on Google paints a picture of some areas of Texas trying to find creative ways around the ban. Since the PornHub ban in Texas, searches for "How to access PornHub" have gone through the roof in the Lone Star State. Considering that Texas is banned from accessing the site, I'm sure the results aren't what those searching are hoping for.

Another search that has spiked is "Free VPN". Some Texans are taking a more high-tech approach to the situation. A VPN exists to protect your identity online. I'm not sure how well this option would work.

Maybe It's Time To Throw In The Virtual Towel

The law that passed and started all of this puts in place some pretty intense fines for websites and companies that don't comply. It's really hard to imagine many taking the risk of operating without complying. It's also hard to imagine people being okay with using their driver's license online to access these sites. In an age when we're told constantly to protect our personal information, this doesn't seem like a risk many would want to take. Gone are the days of clicking a box that says "Yes, I'm totally 18".

It looks like the State has won this round. If their goal was to restrict access to certain websites, they've achieved just that. Not only have they found a way to restrict access to these websites, they've found a way to make some of these sites just leave Texas completely behind.

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