Every year in Texas, and around the world, the young and young at heart await the sound of sleighbells and a jolly old fat man laughing quietly drifting across the night sky. The tricky part is, you're really supposed to be asleep before he gets close enough for you to hear him. If you're awake, and Santa swings by, he moves on the the next house. So, when is Santa supposed to arrive in Amarillo, Texas?

Legend Has It That Santa Will Arrive Sometime Between 9 PM and Midnight

Christmas Eve, you'll want to make sure you're in bed early. I know, kids. I know. 9 PM on a day off from school seems like cruel and unusual punishment. How can you possibly be expected to be asleep that early on the night that Santa makes his trip?

At least Santa is a little bit better than the cable or internet company. They give you some extremely vague window of time in which they might arrive, and you have to have someone 18 years old or older there. Santa just does his thing and moves on.

I can respect that.

Best Way To Know For Sure? Use A Santa Tracker.

The best way to know for sure how close you're cutting it with your bedtime is to use a Santa tracker. There are several on the internet you can use to keep track of the Jolly Old Elf, that way you can make sure you're in bed on time.

Also, don't forget the milk and cookies. The old man has a lot of stops to make, and doing that much traveling can really do a number on a person's energy levels. Leaving out the standard holiday treats will help him keep his energy levels up.

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