With Texas being such a big state, we find ourselves with a ton of different and interesting city names. Some are straight ahead and easy to pronounce, others are more difficult to spit out.

In some cases, the ones you think are easy to pronounce are actually commonly mispronounced, such as our lovely home of Amarillo.

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I thought it would be fun to look at some of the cities in the panhandle that have a tendency to be pronounced wrong, and how you properly say them. So without further adieu, let's get started.


We start right here in our fair city. Many assume the city is pronounced “Am-uh-ree-yo," the way yellow is pronounced in Spanish. As residents of the city, we know this is incorrect and should be pronounced just like it's spelled, “Am-uh-rill-oh.”


I personally made this mistake when we moved here. When I first saw the sign showing me which highway to take, I was like "ok, so headed towards doo-mas". It wasn't until I said the city name to someone that they corrected me and said, "do you mean doo-mus"? Correction noted.


Again, another one that I was 100% guilty of mispronouncing when I moved here. Now I know Texas has cities and street names that are pronounced completely differently than how they're spelled, but this one I was convinced was as straightforward as they come, "hear-ford" right? Wrong. "Her-ferd" is how it's said. Thankfully I heard it on a commercial and saved myself the embarrassment there.


Well Las Vegas is pronounced the same in Nevada and New Mexico, so surely Miami is the exact same. Sure, we're devoid of the beaches of Florida but this is definitely "my-am-ee". Uhhhh no, no it's not. It's actually "my-am-uh". I'm still confused by this one, not gonna lie.


Ah yes, the sneakiest speed trap in the panhandle. "Es-tuh-line" is the place where perfect driving records go to die. Wait, it's not that? It's "es-tuh-leen"? Man, you all need to stop playing with my eyes because phonetically that can't be right.

Here are some more Texas towns across the state that are commonly said incorrectly.

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